Flat-leaved vanilla - Seedpods

Flat-leaved vanilla - Vanilla planifolia

Flat-leaved vanilla - Garfield Park Conservatory

Flat-leaved vanilla - Leaf in Botanical garden, Krakow

Flat-leaved vanilla - Flower - Maui, Hawaii

Vanilla planifolia - Maui, Hawaii, USA

Vanilla planifolia - Leaves and green seedpods

Vanilla planifolia - Leaves

Flat-leaved vanilla – Vanilla planifolia – Climbing plant

Flat-leaved vanilla – It is a species of climbing plant from the orchid family (Orchidaceae). The word “vanilla” is automatically associated with a sweet taste and unique aroma. It is used in confectionery, food and perfume industries. The desired seasoning is obtained from pod-shaped pouches collected at the stage of incomplete maturity. Then fermented and dried. This is how the so-called vanilla sticks.

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