Deepwater Horizon - Fire on the drilling rigDeepwater Horizon - Dark smoke and fire on drilling rig (6 May 2010) Deepwater Horizon - Coast cleanupDeepwater Horizon - Oil spillGulf of Mexico - 28-04-2010Aerial view reconnaissance of Louisiana coastline, USAU.S. Coast-Guard, BP, other federal agencies working after explosion in Gulf of Mexico

Deepwater Horizon – Biggest oil spills

  • Place: Gulf of Mexico
  • Date: 22 april 2010
  • Amount of spill: 779 100 000 liters
  • Costs: $ 5 billion

Deepwater Horizon – It was a floating oil rig. Built in 2001. In 2009, it bore the largest well in history – 10 km. A year later, this record was overshadowed by a tragic explosion. Which created biggest oil spill in history. This tragedy happened at a depth of 1500 m. Two days after the explosion the platform sank. A few months later, technicians managed to introduce a special sealing compound into the damaged well. Which blocked the crack.

The explosion kills

The accident occurred due to highly compressed methane. Which tore the top cover of the drilling rig and exploded after contact with air. It killed 11 people on the spot and then disrupted the platform statistics. Within days, the stain reached the shores of Louisiana. Ravaging nature on the way. The coast of five US states was affected by this. Including the rare Mississippi wetlands. As a result of this disaster, died 6,000 sea turtles, 26 thousand dolphins and whales, 82 thousand birds and huge numbers of fish and invertebrates.

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