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Centralia – Pennsylvania, USA – Under city eternal fire

Centralia – Although a fire goes crazy underneath, a handful of residents still refuse to leave it. They hide from the authorities, which gives the city a mysterious aura. Until the 1960s, Centralia was a town like many in the east of Pennsylvania. About 1500 people lived and worked there. Most of them were employed in the mines – until in 1962 the spark from a nearby garbage dump jumped to the adit, setting fire to coal.

In the following years

Flames gradually expanded under the city. In buildings suddenly started fires, whose flames ​​penetrated earth. Embracing home gardens, and the trees turned into ashes from day to day. Centralia’s underground has become a hell. The government announced the evacuation – it was estimated that the flames had enough fuel to burn for 250 years. Putting out this fire would cost over $ 660 million. That is why politicians decided on a much cheaper option: resettlement of residents.

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