Penalty kick statistics - Penalty kick success graph

Penalty kick statistics – European three seasons

Hawk-Eye System

Hawk-Eye System – WTA technical novelty

First Winter Olympics - Chamonix in the French Alps

First Winter Olympics – Chamonix in the French Alps


Physical exercises beneficial effects - Street aerobic exercises, Atlanta

Physical exercises beneficial effects

First climbed Mount Everest - Hillary and Norgay climbing route - map, 1953

First climbed Mount Everest – Hillary, Norgay expedition

Oldest athletics world record

Oldest athletics world record

Football in Vatican - Crowd on St. Peter's Square, Vatican

Football in Vatican

Doping in Munich - Olympic flag

Doping in Munich

Lunar sports - Apollo 14 - Alan ShepardLunar sports - Stuart Roosa, Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard

Lunar sports – During the Apollo 14 mission

Golf ball dimples - Golf ball on grassGolf ball dimples - Golf ball - drawing

Golf ball dimples – Increase lift and reduce drag

Yoga exercises beneficial influence - Practicing yoga

Yoga exercises beneficial influence

GoalControl system - GoalControl diagramGoalControl system - GoalControl

GoalControl system – Consists of 14 HD cameras