Bible confusion - Bible with rose

Bible confusion – Describes creation of the world


Bible authors - Holman Christian Standard Bible

Bible authors – Writers inspired by God

Polish Catholics - Procession in Brzesko, Poland

Polish Catholics – What they believe


Devil's work - Tattoo on head

Devil’s work

Evangelical discussions - Klejniki - Church of Ascension of Jesus Christ 18 - Gospel

Evangelical discussions – Interests of different groups

Nag Hammadi Gospels - Gospels of Thomas, The Nag Hammadi manuscripts

Nag Hammadi Gospels – Christian texts from Egypt

Different gnostic bible - St. Philip

Different gnostic bible – Unlike the canonical texts

Reading tea leaves - Coffee

Reading tea leaves – Shows the best future

Pope changes name - Pope Francis (20-03-2013)

Pope changes name – Direction of pontificate

Religious billboard campaign - Concubinage is the sin - I don't kill, don't steal, don't believeReligious billboard campaign - Concubinage is the sin

Religious billboard campaign – Concubinage is the sin

Church over crossroads - Church in Nowy Dwor, Jedwabno, Poland

Church over crossroads

Research omens prophecies results - Glass ball

Research omens prophecies results

Leader among soothsayers - Maciej Skrzatek

Leader among soothsayers

Million hinduistic deities - Isuren - Jacques-Nicolas Bellin

Million hinduistic deities – India very pragmatic

All Saints

All Saints – With the name seems difficult