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Genetics - Bacteriophage T4 - Artistic renderingGenetics - Bacteriophage - Bacillus phi29 - Illustration based on electron microscopy dataGenetics - Bacteriophage - Cartoon representation of the entire bacteriophage MS2 protein capsidGenetics - Bacteriophage - Phage injecting genome into bacterial cellBacteriophage – Natural enemy of bacteria fights     disease
Genetics - Bacteriophage T7 - StructureGenetics - Bacteriophage - Artistic rendering - (09-04-2019)Genetics - Bacteriophage Synechococcus S-PM2 - Electron Microscope ImageGenetics - Bacteriophage P2 - View from Electron Microscope
Genetics - Bacteriophage - Artists renderingVirus that feeds on bacteriaInfection at atomic resolution shows how the virus approaches the E.coli membrane and interacts with receptorsLego model - (01-02-2015)
Portrait of Felix d'HerelleProf. Rotem Sorek - Weizmann Institute’s Molecular Genetics DepartmentProf. Bonnie Bassler - In her officeProf. Bonnie Bassler - Talk on bacterial communication

Genetics - Muscular dystrophy - Make A Wish participant enlisted

Genetics - Muscular dystrophy - National Poster Child of the Year

Genetics - Muscular dystrophy - Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Genetics - Muscular dystrophy - Child receiving torch money - Federal Building in Cleveland, Ohio, USAMuscular dystrophy – Is caused by muscle weakness
Genetics - Stem cells administrationDuchenne muscular photo essayDuchenne muscular dystrophy

Genetics - Haemophilia - American practice of surgery

Genetics - Haemophilia - Protein registered with 1cfh code

Genetics - Haemophilia - Protein registered with 2aer code - (18-02-2009)

Genetics - Haemophilia - Family tree of Queen VictoriaHaemophilia – Result is a morbid bleeding tendency
Genetics - Haemophilia - Javier Barbero - World Haemophilia Day 2018World Haemophilia Day 2018University Hospital La Paz, MadridThe diseases of infancy and childhood

Genetics - Huntington's Chorea - George Huntington - (1872)

Genetics - Huntington's Chorea - George Huntington

Genetics - Huntington's Chorea - Huntington

Genetics - Huntington's Chorea - UbiquitinHuntington’s Chorea – Neurodegenerative disorder of     brain
Genetics - Huntington's Chorea - (12-04-2011)Huntingtons Chorea - 20Cortical neuron after immunocytochemical staining with antibodiesInduced Pluripotent stem cells

Genetics - Down syndrome - Blue Apple Theater Hamlet Actors

Genetics - Down syndrome - Charity gifts for children with cancer, the Vanessa Isabel Foundation

Genetics - Down syndrome - 2019

Genetics - Down syndrome - Trisomia

Genetics - Down syndrome - Guy with down syndromeDown syndrome – Chromosomal birth     defect
Genetics - Down syndrome - He just having fun at workPianistNewborn with down syndromeWilliam i Tommy JessopMarch for Life 2019

Genetics - Cystic Fibrosis

Genetics - Cystic Fibrosis - Clubbing of the fingers

Genetics - Cystic Fibrosis - Manifestations

Genetics - Cystic Fibrosis - Young poster childCystic fibrosis – Affects the respiratory and digestive     systems
Genetics - Cystic Fibrosis - CFTR ProteinInfection in the respiratory systemHigh-resolution computed tomography-HRCTNational Genetics and Genomics Education Centre (NHS)

Genetics - Thierry Moungalla

Genetics - WSIS Forum 2013

Genetics - The swearing-in ceremony of the President of Namibia

Genetics - Nigerian advocateAlbinism – The body doesn’t produce melanin
Genetics - Ikponwosa Ero - Nigerian lawyerSalif KeitaStanley Sataan Kaoni - Albinistic former Solomon Islander militant leaderThando Hopa

Genetics - Hands of a girl

Genetics - Hands of three sisters

Genetics - Photo of young woman

Genetics - Treasury of human inheritanceAchondroplasia – The most common cause of dwarfism
Mr. Keizer, the smallest man in the NetherlandsGirl with Achondroplasia and woman with MyxedemaChondrodystrophia foetalisGenetics - An achondroplastic female dwarf

Genetics - New Guinea Singing Dog - NGSD - 01-01-2010

Genetics - New Guinea Singing Dog - NGSD

Genetics - New Guinea Singing Dog - With a lot of white markings

Genetics - New Guinea Singing Dog - NGSDNew Guinea Singing Dog – Canis lupus hallstromi
Genetics - New Guinea Singing Dog - Looking upGenetics - New Guinea Singing Dog - puppies 3 months oldGenetics - New Guinea Singing Dog - With rare black-and-tan colorationGenetics - New Guinea Singing Dog - Puppies at 28 days old
NGSDs - Tazi and DinkiTomsrusty - the NGSD at age 3 years oldJonah - the NGSD - and a dog treatMap depicting possible phylogeographic origins of dingoes

Genetics - Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cellsGenetics - Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cells with cytoskeletal microtubules and DNAGenetics - HeLa cell - Scanning electron micrographGenetics - HeLa cell cultures - 6.10.2015Genetics - HeLa cells stainedHeLa cell cultures – Cellular biology record
HeLa cells - Scanning electron micrograph of just divided cellsGenetics - Multicolor fluorescence image of living HeLa cell - 1.10.2014Multicolor fluorescence image of living HeLa cells - 1.10.2014HeLa cells - 27.11.2011Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cells

Dna chain - ladders with millions rungs

DNA chain – Ladders with millions rungs

DNA types - Mitochondrial_DNA_versus_Nuclear_DNADNA types - Mitochondrial DNA

DNA types – Distinction between two types of DNA

English rivers waters - Substances blocking fertility

English rivers waters – Substances blocking fertility


Iberian Peninsula residents - initially isolated groups - Iberian Peninsula

Iberian Peninsula residents – Initially isolated groups

Viking tomb southern England - Vikings drakar in art

Viking tomb southern England

Johann Gregor Mendel - Augustinian order member

Johann Gregor Mendel – Augustinian order member

Genetically bad mother - Mother kissing baby

Genetically bad mother


GMO impact on health - Graffiti against GMO, Krucza, Warsaw

GMO impact on health

Recording information in DNA - DNA

Recording information in DNA

Completely read Neanderthal - Neanderthal DNA extraction

Completely read Neanderthal

Prehistoric human - Human

Prehistoric human – Research of male Y chromosome

Dyslexia gene and hand - Human Brain

Dyslexia gene and hand


Genetics :

Egyptian pharaohs genetic analysis - NefertitiEgyptian pharaohs genetic analysis - AkhenatenEgyptian pharaohs genetic analysis - Tutankhamen

Egyptian pharaohs genetic analysis

Genetics - DNA discoverer - Johann Friedrich Miescher (1844 - 1895)

DNA discoverer – Swiss doctor

Genetics - Junk DNA - DNA helix

Junk DNA


Genetics - DNA helix discoverers - Maclyn McCarty, Francis Crick, James Watson

DNA helix discoverers

Genetics - Extremely small genome - Bacteria cultured on a blood - Haemophilus influenzae

Extremely small genome – Haemophilus influenzae


Genetics - Snowman Yeti -International Mountain Museum, Pokhara, Nepal (2010)

Snowman Yeti – DNA analysis of hair samples

Genetics - Friends smell - Hands holding 1Genetics - Friends smell - Hands holding 2Genetics - Friends smell - Hands holding 3

Friends smell – Genes variations analysis

Genetics - Animal olfactory opportunities - Aussie Bonnie plays with footballGenetics - Animal olfactory opportunities - Male African Elefant (Loxodonta africana) in Serengeti

Animal olfactory opportunities

Genetics - Humans Neanderthals hybrids - Max PlanckGenetics - Humans Neanderthals hybrids - Homo neanderthalensis

Humans Neanderthals hybrids

Genetics - Human Microbiome Project - HMP logo

Human Microbiome Project – HMP

Genetics - Homosexuality among humans - Thomas Eakins & John Laurie Wallace

Homosexuality among humans

Genetics - How many banana in man - Waiting for a car emission inspection, 1973

How many banana in man


Genetics - Human genetic material - DNA

Human genetic material – Stored in trillions of cells

Genetics - Nucleus-cells brain - Diagram of human cell nucleus

Nucleus-cells brain – Complex nano composite body

Genetics - 6-GB Hard Disk - DNA

6-GB Hard Disk – DNA contains encoded information

Genetics - Tallest earth nation - Netherlands, Hindeloopen, 2004

Tallest Earth nation – The Dutch

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