Music - Earth atmosphere - NASAMusic - Earth atmosphere - Happy New Year planet EarthMusic - Earth atmosphere - Planetatierra - (07-12-1972)Music - The Amazing Earth atmosphereMusic - Earth atmosphere - Top Images from NASAEarth atmosphere – High layers emit music
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We like aggressive music - Sabaton performing at Bloodstock Open Air 2013We like aggressive music - Satyricon performing at Bloodstock Open Air in 2016We like aggressive music - Alice Cooper performing at Bloodstock Open Air in 2012We like aggressive music - Blind WitnessWe like aggressive music – Strong, sad, full of     emotions
We like aggressive music - Ashes of Eden at concert in Montreal in 2005We like aggressive music - Mercy Killing - ExodusWe like aggressive music - Onslaught performing at Bloodstock in 2006We like aggressive music - Rage performing at Bloodstock Open Air in 2006

Companionship heart - Chorus of Perm Musical College

Companionship heart

Musical chimpanzees - Monkey at the piano

Musical chimpanzees

Music improves mood - Faces of Carl

Music improves mood – By secretion of dopamine

Music :

Music - Concert behavior - Crowd at the concert

Concert behavior- The research carried out in 2014

Music - Polonaise dancing places - Teofil Kwiatkowski - Chopin's Polonaise - Ball in Hotel Lambert in Paris, France

Polonaise dancing places

Music - Brain prediction - Pianist at the instrument

Brain prediction – Recognize problem 0.1 s before it

Music - World's best violin - Stradivarius violin

World’s best violin – Producing requires genius