Tungsten - Developed in plastic form in 20th century

Tungsten – Developed in plastic form in 20th century


Minor metals - Metal element from Late Bronze AgeMinor metals - Manufacturing opportunities in the state of Washington, USA, 1918

Minor metals – Breakthrough in perception of metals


Technological metals - Jack Lifton

Technological metals – Term introduced in 2007


Investment risk - The risk - chart, PL

Investment risk

How many cloves has cap - Kasteel Donker Ingelmunster beer bottle cap

How many cloves has cap – The first, patented 1892


Expensivest advertising campaign - Gladys Kessler, a US federal court judge

Expensivest advertising campaign


Biggest oil spills - Coast of Galicia after a leak from the tanker MT PrestigeBiggest oil spills - Fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil platformBiggest oil spills - Cleanup coast of Alaska after a leak from the tanker MT Exxon ValdezBiggest oil spills - Dark smoke and fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform

Biggest oil spills – Have long-term consequences


Creating cash machines - Cash machine in Sweden

Creating cash machines – Financiers forecast


Lanthanides extraction in China - Lanthanides in the periodic tableLanthanides extraction in China - Miners in China

Lanthanides extraction in China


Accident in Turow Power Station - Location of Turow Power Station

Accident in Turow Power Station


Economy assumptions - WTO world map

Economy assumptions


Sex influence on advertising - Circa 1975 Wonderbra

Sex influence on advertising


What leads to success - Power house mechanic cropped

What leads to success?


First underground railway - Fowlers Ghost Locomotive

First underground railway – London Underground


Largest solar power station - Shams 1

Largest solar power station – Shams 1


False oil forecasts history - Oil District, Los Angeles

False oil forecasts history – Fear of oil shortage


Oil industry collapse fears - Extraction of oil

Oil industry collapse fears


Energy sources exhaustion forecasts - Oil platform

Energy sources exhaustion forecasts


Shale gas resources forecasts - Shale gas

Shale gas resources forecasts


Solar energy - The sunlight is free and inexhaustible - Solar power station

Solar energy – The sunlight is free and inexhaustible


Fiat 126p - Polish Fiat 126p, 1973

Fiat 126p – Success of cars produced in Poland


Earth expensivest material - CERN Aerial ViewEarth expensivest material - Cloud of antimatter in space

Earth expensivest material – Produced in LHC


Higher IQ - IQ Scores by Race and Ethnicity

Higher IQ – Reduce the level of poverty


Vodka consumption countrymen - Zubrowka Pernod

Vodka consumption countrymen


World richest people - Oxfam, Dusseldorf

World richest people – Organization Oxfam report


Gluten-free products market - Gluten free enterprises logo

Gluten-free products market


Blocks manufacturer - Lego Forbidden City

Blocks manufacturer – Earned record profits


Solaris - Solaris Urbino 18 - second generation, Dresden, Germany, 2004

Solaris – Not only giants try their hand at new areas


Moore's Law - Moore's Law diagram (2004)

Moore’s Law – Defined in 1965 and revised in 1975


Cat's sand - Cat on sand

Cat’s sand – Typically produced from bentonite clay


Watches radioactive material - Aqua Master clock

Watches radioactive material


Deliberately shortening life - Bourbon Palace, headquarters of the National Assembly, Paris, France

Deliberately shortening life – Consumer Rights Law


Cartel planned aging products - Geneva, Switzerland, 2005

Cartel planned aging products – Collusion in 1924


Real flights targets - Ryanair, Boeing 737

Real flights targets – Cheap airlines hide destinations


Cheaper hypermarkets - Hypermarket TESCO in New Prokocim (Cracow, Poland)

Cheaper hypermarkets – Full range of marketing tricks


Chinese clothes - Jeans trousers

Chinese clothes – EU imports


Lemonade containing lemons - Lemon

Lemonade containing lemons


Chocolate bar

Chocolate bar – Manufacturers reduce weight


Informing consumers - Three German brands of washing powders

Informing consumers – Using washing powder


Biogas plants aren't tight - Biogas plant sketch

Biogas plants aren’t tight


First-class products - Seacroft Shopping Centre, Leeds

First-class products – Will ship to stores in the UK


Global gold resources - Gold

Global gold resources – Currently in circulation