Yueyaquan - Lake surrounded by desert dunes

Yueyaquan – Lake surrounded by desert dunes


Tectonic plates - Moving very slowly

Tectonic plates – Moving very slowly


Brussels tunnel - Arcades and tunnel Cinquantenaire, Belgium

Brussels tunnel – Experiment with photocatalysis


Vasco da Gama - Researcher of sea route to India

Vasco da Gama – Researcher of sea route to India

Earth's deepest borehole - Borehole SG-3 on postage stamp USRR, 1987Earth's deepest borehole - Borehole SG-3

Earth’s deepest borehole


Earth's crust layers

Earth’s crust layers


Indonesian volcano explosion - Volcano TamboraIndonesian volcano explosion - Sumbawa island mapIndonesian volcano explosion - Volcano Tambora crater

Indonesian volcano explosion


Light pollution - City lights

Light pollution – Light scattered in the atmosphere


Soil formed continuously - Water erosion

Soil formed continuously – Erosion is natural process

Antarctica Station research expedition - Antarctica Station Map

Antarctica Station research expedition


Biggest oil spills - Coast of Galicia after a leak from the tanker MT PrestigeBiggest oil spills - Fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil platformBiggest oil spills - Cleanup coast of Alaska after a leak from the tanker MT Exxon ValdezBiggest oil spills - Dark smoke and fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform

Biggest oil spills – Have long-term consequences


Turquoise water color - Faaker See Lake

Turquoise water color – Floating particles of limestone


Artificial carbon forms - Carbon nanotube modelArtificial carbon forms - Spherical Fullerene-C60

Artificial carbon forms – Nanotube and fullerenes


Catastrophic whirlwind - Tri-State_State_Tornado_Damage_Longfellow_School_2Catastrophic whirlwind - Tri-State_Tornado_Damage_Baptist_Church_at_Murphysboro,_ILCatastrophic whirlwind - 1925 tornado-p2o-b

Catastrophic whirlwind – Strongest tornado


Seikan railway tunnel - Honshu and Hokkaido connection

Seikan railway tunnel – Honshu-Hokkaido connection


Meteorological week analysis - Observatory Lindenberg, Germany

Meteorological week analysis


English rivers waters - Substances blocking fertility

English rivers waters – Substances blocking fertility


Antarctic temperature changes - Antarctica_Subglacial_Lakes_Map

Antarctic temperature changes


Lake Baikal bottom - Moon on Baikal

Lake Baikal bottom – Russian mini-submarine Mir-2

James Clark Ross - British officer, explorer, discoverer

James Clarke Ross – Officer, explorer, discoverer

Bacteria under ocean bottom - Atlantic Ocean surface

Bacteria under ocean bottom


Lanthanides extraction in China - Miners in ChinaLanthanides extraction in China - Lanthanides in the periodic table

Lanthanides extraction in China


Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea


Water from well - Rudza, water well turnstiles

Water from well


Midnight sun - Midnight sun phenomenon

Midnight sun


Earth's magnetic field weakening - North magnetic pole

Earth’s magnetic field weakening

Dirty water victims - Dirty water from the river Nile

Dirty water victims – 6000 people


Earth's largest volcano - Tamu Massif, about 1000 Miles east of Japan

Earth’s largest volcano – at the bottom of the Pacific

Life on Earth - BlueMarble 2001-2002

Life on Earth – 1.75 billion years will keep life

Earthquake lights

Earthquake lights – 400 km from the epicenter

When was created amber - Amber

When was created amber


Amazon direction - Amazon

Amazon direction – Creation of rainforest


First man didn't take dogs - Bering land bridge

First man didn’t take dogs – by frozen Bering Strait

2014 warmest year - Haze and clouds obscure the setting sun

2014 warmest year – According to analysis of NOAA

Temperature records - Surfer on beach

Temperature records – In Europe, 2014


Rainbow forming ways - Rainbow

Rainbow forming ways – Meteorological phenomenon


Double rainbow

Double rainbow – From Earth looks like semicircle


Night rainbow - Namdaemun market, Seoul, South Korea

Night rainbow – Break down light of moon

Real flights targets - Ryanair, Boeing 737

Real flights targets – Cheap airlines hide destinations


Lightnings over world - Lightnings on Las Cruces, New Mexico

Lightnings over world – In every second 60 to 100


Church tower protruding from water - Lake Reschensee

Church tower protruding from water


Global gold resources - Gold

Global gold resources – Currently in circulation


Longest continental volcanic belt - Australia

Longest continental volcanic belt


Optical fibers connecting continents

Optical fibers connecting continents

Vesuvius remains active

Vesuvius remains active – Volcano near Naples


Ocean currents influence weather conditions

Ocean currents influence weather conditions