Impact of popular social networking site - Instagram icon

Impact of popular Social networking site


Men's emancipation - Khasi GirlsMen's emancipation - Khasi - Artistic showMen's emancipation - Public information campaign in the Meghalaya district, India (21.09.2013)

Men’s emancipation – Matriarchate in India


Sex unrecognizable - Sex and nutrition

Sex unrecognizable


Selfie publication frequency Facebook - Facebook icon

Selfie publication frequency Facebook

Article planning facebook users - Facebook icon

Article planning facebook users

Facebook love - Facebook icon reflection

Facebook love – Related to personality traits

Expenditure on esotericism - Tao symbol

Expenditure on esotericism


What leads to success - Power house mechanic cropped

What leads to success?

Good timing - Hourglass drawing

Good timing – Education changes the sense of time

Social brain hypotesis - Robin Dunbar

Social brain hypotesis

Dunbar's number - Dolores Park, San Francisco

Dunbar’s number

Suicides among people - Jumper (suicide) in Dallas

Suicides among people

August sunday - Bloody Sunday memorial

August sunday

Sociology :

Sociology - Poverty risk in Poland - Family drawing

Poverty risk in Poland – Statistical risk of poverty

Sociology - Poverty in Poland - People in Cracow, Poland

Poverty in Poland


Sociology - Life for social minimum - November 2013 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Life for social minimum

Sociology - Japanese finished with sex - Ikoma montage, Japan

Japanese finished with sex

Sociology - Social intelligence - KAMSActivity

Social intelligence – Enables to establish contacts


Sociology - Traditional tattoos - Traditional_Samoan_TattooSociology - Traditional tattoos - Japan_Tattoo_1890sSociology - Traditional tattoos - Maori face tattoo

Traditional tattoos

Sociology - Money affects morality - US Currency Federal Reserve

Money affects morality – Perception of good and evil

Sociology - Caffeine consumption - Coffee in cups

Caffeine consumption – Turned out risk of suicide

Sociology - Male homeless - Clifford Hall, "Homeless", 1940 - Imperial War Museum

Male homeless – According latest data for 2011

Sociology - Suicides statistic - Ryszard Siwiec, 10th Anniversary Stadium, Warsaw, 1968

Suicides statistic – Increased risk for men


Sociology - IQ tests results - IQ by Country

IQ tests results – Increase called Flynn effect

Sociology - We trust most foundations - Jurek Owsiak in a Ruch Chorzow shirt

We trust most foundations

Syllogomania - Compulsive hoarding - pathological gathering

Syllogomania – Mental disorder pathological collecting