Kayan tribe women - Women with rings on necksKayan tribe women - Women giraffes with childrenKayan tribe women - Young girl giraffeKayan tribe women - Woman giraffeKayan tribe women - Young woman giraffeKayan tribe women - Women with elongated necks

Kayan tribe women – Secret of women giraffes


Numerous father - Coloured family

Numerous father

Ig Nobel Prize 2015

Ig Nobel Prize – Humorous parody

Post office located closest South Pole - Research station Amundsen-Scott on South Pole

Post office located closest South Pole


Iberian Peninsula residents - initially isolated groups - Iberian Peninsula

Iberian Peninsula residents – Initially isolated groups


Use of smell - Perfume shelf

Use of smell

Expenditure on esotericism - Tao symbol

Expenditure on esotericism


Professors sexiness - Professors

Professors sexiness


Smokers in Turkey - Satirical drawing from Turkey

Smokers in Turkey


Poverty risk in Poland - Family drawing

Poverty risk in Poland – Statistical risk of poverty

Poverty in Poland - People in Cracow, Poland

Poverty in Poland


Life for social minimum - November 2013 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Life for social minimum

Japanese finished with sex - Ikoma montage, Japan

Japanese finished with sex

Social intelligence - KAMSActivity

Social intelligence – Enables to establish contacts


Rituals, respect and therapy - Woman with traditional tribal tattoos Kutia

Rituals, respect and therapy

Threats to humanity - Jaan Tallinn

Threats to humanity – Research center existential risk

Smoking threatens deafness - Cigarette in ashtray

Smoking threatens deafness

Popularity registered tv sets - In the world 1960 - Swiss post signs, 1938 and 1988

Popularity registered tv sets – In the world 1960

Daylight saving time - Begin CEST

Daylight saving time – Moving the clockwise forward

Money affects morality - US Currency Federal Reserve

Money affects morality – Perception of good and evil

Higher IQ - IQ Scores by Race and Ethnicity

Higher IQ – Reduce the level of poverty

Mishmash always cabbage ? - Mishmash

Mishmash always cabbage ?

Vodka consumption countrymen - Zubrowka Pernod

Vodka consumption countrymen

Religious billboard campaign - Concubinage is the sin - I don't kill, don't steal, don't believeReligious billboard campaign - Concubinage is the sin

Religious billboard campaign – Concubinage is the sin

Extraterrestrial civilization - Wink AlienExtraterrestrial civilization - Sombrero Galaxy in infrared light

Extraterrestrial civilization

Children with parents - Woroniecki family

Children with parents

Male homeless - Clifford Hall, "Homeless", 1940 - Imperial War Museum

Male homeless – According latest data for 2011

Suicides statistic - Ryszard Siwiec, 10th Anniversary Stadium, Warsaw, 1968

Suicides statistic – Increased risk for men

Male education - Afghan college entrance exam day

Male education – Teachers today are mostly women

Research omens prophecies results - Glass ball

Research omens prophecies results

Leader among soothsayers - Maciej Skrzatek

Leader among soothsayers

Breakfast before court hearing - Judge Tomas Kubovec (centre), Court in Prague

Breakfast before court hearing

We trust most foundations - Jurek Owsiak in a Ruch Chorzow shirt

We trust most foundations

Tallest earth nation - Netherlands, Hindeloopen, 2004

Tallest earth nation – The Dutch

Nation without humor sense - Prince Joachim of Prussia in uniform

Nation without humor sense – Confirmed by research

Shift work - Shift work in NY

Shift work – Causes negative effects