Three most common allergies - Skin prick testing for allergies

Three most common allergies – Causes of allergy development

World atomic arsenal - Nuclear explosion in Nagasaki

World atomic arsenal

Real North America discoverer - Christopher ColumbusReal North America discoverer - Leif Eriksson

Real North America discoverer

Post office located closest South Pole - Research station Amundsen-Scott on South Pole

Post office located closest South Pole



Accident in Turow Power Station - Location of Turow Power Station

Accident in Turow Power Station

Distance from equator - Brain

Distance from equator

How read symbol„E"

How read symbol„E”

Mined world - Minefield warning

Mined world

Journey to top of Burj Khalifa - Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Journey to top of Burj Khalifa

Oldest chewing gum - Chewing gum stick

Oldest chewing gum

Traditional tattoos - Traditional_Samoan_TattooTraditional tattoos - Japan_Tattoo_1890sTraditional tattoos - Maori face tattoo

Traditional tattoos

Tattoo origin - Tahitian tattoo

Tattoo origin

Stigma tattoo - De Bry Chief Virginia

Stigma tattoo

Devil's work - Tattoo on head

Devil’s work

Threats to humanity - Jaan Tallinn

Threats to humanity – Research center existential risk

Artificial intelligence - consequences

Artificial intelligence – consequences

Daylight saving time - Begin CEST

Daylight saving time – Moving the clockwise forward

Champagne - Champagne flutes glasses bubbles

Champagne – Contains a lot of carbon dioxide