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Blue Train – Most luxurious trains

  • Place: South Africa
  • Route: Pretoria – Cape Town
  • Number of seats: 84
  • Cost: 4000 PLN per person

Blue Train – This African train set off for the first time in 1923. However, due to problems with the construction of the railway, its activity was interrupted. It received its official name in 1937, when the wagons were painted blue. General reconstruction of the train was completed only in 1997, after which it returned to the tracks. According to experts, the jewel of the train is primarily the salon and dining car. Which is considered a true designer miracle. A route with a length of over 1500 km. The train travels within 31 hours.


On board passengers are provided with 24-hour service, they can order, for example, caviar and champagne. Luxury can also be seen in the restaurant car. For meals, guests use Sheffield cutlery, with music , usually classical or jazz. Each apartment has its own bathroom, in which taps in marble baths and wash basins are gold-plated. As in the bathroom, also in the bedroom, floor heating is installed.


Passengers can admire the views in front of the driver. In the car called Club on the big screen, live coverage is displayed.

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