Biggest oil spills - Coast of Galicia after a leak from the tanker MT PrestigeBiggest oil spills - Fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil platformBiggest oil spills - Cleanup coast of Alaska after a leak from the tanker MT Exxon ValdezBiggest oil spills - Dark smoke and fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform

Biggest oil spills – Have long-term consequences

Biggest oil spills:

  • Oil stain in Kuwait

    Oil stain in Kuwait - 1.01.1991Oil stain in Kuwait - 1.01.1991Oil stain in Kuwait - 5–14 June 1991
    – The largest oil-related disaster took place during the Gulf War. This was not due to a technical defect or explosion, but to planned sabotage. Oil was released by the Iraqi army. Whose goal was to slow down US troops planning to take over Kuwait.

  • Deepwater Horizon

    Gulf of Mexico - 28-04-2010Aerial view reconnaissance of Louisiana coastline, USAU.S. Coast-Guard, BP, other federal agencies working after explosion in Gulf of Mexico
    – 20.04.2010 On an oil rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico exploded for unknown reasons, as a result of which sank the entire platform. The result was disaster oil spill area of 10 thousands km².

  • Ixtoc 1

    Ixtoc 1 - Oil well blowoutIxtoc 1 - Oil well blowoutOil well blowout - NOAA Photo
    – An oil well belonging to the Mexican oil company Pemex. It was in the Gulf of Mexico, almost 1,000 km off the coast of Texas. At that time, the company was extracting oil from a 3 km deep well. When a huge explosion broke out.

  • Atlantic Empress – Aegean Captain

    Atlantic Empress & Aegean Captain - Oil spill and fireAtlantic Empress & Aegean Captain - Oil spill and fire fightingAegean Captain in port
    – An accident that occurred near Tobago. It was not caused by the failure of the oil rig, but the collision of two tankers during a tropical storm.

  • Castillo de Bellver

    Castillo de Bellver - Oil spill and fire - 1983Castillo de Bellver - Oil spill and fire fighting - 1983MTCastillo de Bellver - Left side
    – The tanker exploded unexpectedly and burned off the coast of South Africa in 1983. The ship traveled on the sea since 1978.

  • ABT Summer – Supertanker

    ABT Summer - Supertanker - Oil spill and fire - 1991ABT Summer - Supertanker - Oil spill - Angola - 1991Supertanker - Aerial view
    – In May 1991 exploded almost 1500 km off the coast of Angola. The ship was built in the South Korean shipyard Ulsan. It traveled on the sea since 1974.

  • Amoco Cadiz

    Amoco Cadiz - Grounding and oil spill - 01.03.1978Amoco Cadiz - Sinking tanker - Brittany-France - 01.03.1978Impact of oil spill - 01.03.1978
    – In 1978, the tanker crashed off the coast of France. On its standard route, from the Persian Gulf to the Dutch port of Rotterdam. When a 335 meter ship passed the west coast of France. It got inside a violent storm.

  • Tanker Odyssey

    Tanker Odyssey - Oil spill and fire - 1988Tanker Odyssey - Oil stain after spill - 1988Tanker Odyssey - Art presenting tragedy of animals after oil spill in 1988
    – An American ship exploded about a thousand kilometers, off the east coast of Canada. About 162 million liters of crude oil spilled out of it. Into the open sea.

  • Amoco Milford Haven

    Amoco Milford Haven - Sinking tankerMT Haven - Burning tankerMT Haven - Tanker fire
    – The tanker was built in Cardiz shipyards in 1973. The ship was 334 meters long and 51 meters wide. In 1991 a catastrophic explosion took place near Genoa, Italy. During routine pumping operations, a part of the load.

  • MT Prestige

    MT Prestige - Sinking tankerMT Prestige - Sinking shipMT Prestige - Monument to volunteers cleaning beaches - Galicia
    – 19.11.2002 Tanker MT Prestige sank off the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Leaked it 63 thousand tons of oil, and the cost of their removal amounted to more than 8 billion euros.

  • MT Exxon Valdez

    MT Exxon Valdez - Oil spillInterview with Dennis KelsoSea birds in oil - After spill from tanker
    – 24.03.1989 Tanker Exxon Valdez crashed off the coast of Alaska. Leaked out of it approx. 41 million liters of crude oil. It was one of the biggest ecological disasters. It happened in Prince William’s Bay, where the ship crashed into a cliff. Having a full oil tank.

Biggest oil spills - Edredon turkan (Somateria spectabilis) covered in oilOil spill has long-term consequences. As a result, thousands are dying of marine animals including birds. Hazardous substances accumulate in the bodies of animals and also threaten the health of consumers.

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