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Belmond Andean Explorer – Most luxurious trains

  • Place: Peru
  • Route: Cuzco – Arequipa
  • Number of seats: 48
  • Cost: from 7000 PLN per person

Belmond Andean Explorer – If you plan to visit Machu Picchu or see Lake Titicaca. This is no better option than choosing the Belmond train. It travels along the Andean peaks between historical headquarters of the Incas, Cuzco, and the second largest Peruvian city of Arequipa. The entire route leads to a height of 4800 meters, which makes it one of the highest railways in the world. The train first set off in May 2017 and became the first sleeping train in South America.


Each wagon has the name of one of the local representatives fauna and flora . Passengers can use stylish and hand-made alpaca fabrics in their compartments. Everywhere we also encounter the Andean cross Chakana, which originates from the Inca era. Symbolizes the sky, earth and the underground world. It appears not only on wagons, but also on napkins, glasses or bathrobes. The fact that it is very luxurious is also demonstrated by the room furnishings. Passengers have private bathrooms with shower or bathtub and wardrobes.


Due to the high altitude, oxygen reserves are also available and a doctor is on board.

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