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Battle of Somme – The attack of French and British

Battle of Somme – The great Somme offensive planned by the French and the British. Was to finally break the German resistance and end the war within a few weeks. The decisive significance in this plan was played by a series of secret tunnels. Dug up by the whole company for months. Leading the artillery fire of German trenches, the British imperceptibly placed under enemy positions 19 explosives.

On the first of July 1916, mines under German lines almost simultaneously exploded. The largest load was broken in the earth by a crater with a depth of 21 meters and a diameter of 91 meters. Contrary to the expectations of the generals, however, the enemy forces were not destroyed. And the offensive became a deadly trap for the soldiers.

Already in the first 30 minutes of the fire from German machine guns, thousands of Britons were killed. On the first day of the attack on German positions. About 21000 British and French soldiers died. The fights continued for another five months. Consuming over a million lives. Only to get a 35-kilometer piece of the front. Approx. 10 kilometers deep into the enemy’s territory.

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