Annual pepper - Philippines

Annual pepper - Capsicum-annuum

Annual pepper - Capsicum annuum

Capsicum-annuum fruit - Red Annual Pepper

Capsicum annuum - Red Annual pepper

Capsicum annuum-Red - Ripened and dried

Mexican Capsicum annuum

Capsicum annuum dried - Nanglo, India

Annual pepper – Capsicum annuum – Popular as chilli

Annual pepper – More popular under the name chilli pepper, it is quite a popular plant that gives spice to dishes. It is eaten at virtually any degree of maturity. Its color ranges from dark green, through yellow, orange, red, to dark red or purple. The smaller and darker the fruits are, the sharper they are.

They owe their spicy taste to capsaicin. If we do not overdo it with the amount of peppers added to the dish, we can enjoy many health-promoting benefits. Especially vitamin C and beta-carotene. It aids digestion, appetite, and some believe that it acts as an aphrodisiac. However, if we over-consume it, we can irritate our stomach and urinary tract.

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