Amoco Cadiz - Grounding and oil spill - 01.03.1978Amoco Cadiz - Sinking tanker - Brittany-France - 01.03.1978Impact of oil spill - 01.03.1978Oil spill - 01.03.1978

Amoco Cadiz – Biggest oil spills

  • Place: France
  • Date: 16 March 1978
  • Amount of spill: 254 400 000 liters
  • Costs: $ 136 mln

Amoco Cadiz – In 1978, the tanker crashed off the coast of France. On its standard route, from the Persian Gulf to the Dutch port of Rotterdam. When a 335 meter ship passed the west coast of France. It got inside a violent storm. High waves damaged the rudder and directed the tanker directly to the coast. The ship first hit a coral reef, as a result of which water flooded the engine room. Another blow to the rocks caused the oil tanks to crack. The contents of all of them spilled into the sea in 14 days.

Could the disaster be prevented

The crew was warned of a possible disaster, but they were unable to stop the ship in time. Therefore, the tanker impacted the sanding. In total, over 2.5 million liters of oil spilled near Portsall. It reached about 360 km of coastline. About 14,000 volunteers and soldiers fought the effects of the accident. However, around 37,000 birds and 6,400 oysters died. Nature returned to balance seven years after the disaster.

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